Virtual Experiences You Can Do In Lynchburg From Your Home

One incredible thing that we’ve seen while living through the time of COVID-19 is just how well the community can rally and put together resources that can be accessed virtually. Many favorite local spots known for their history, art and learning experiences have made tours available that you can take from the comfort of your home. Here are a few you can enjoy and get excited about visiting in the future!



SeaQuest is one of Lynchburg’s latest business additions, and it’s already a popular destination. So during this time of social distancing, get to know the SeaQuest critters on their website! Virtual video tours are available so you can venture into the wild through these exhibits from your computer. These tours include videos of rainforest animals, the Mayan Jungle aviary, Egyptian desert creatures and several assorted underwater environments with sharks, bioluminescent fish, snails, crabs and starfish.

Academy Center of the Arts

The Academy Center of the Arts has no shortage of virtual activities to choose from. You can tour their artist galleries on their website and get to know the work of their talented artists. They are also hosting a virtual First Fridays Art Exhibition with judging and prizes, and live-streaming performances and educational videos for your viewing pleasure. There was even a National Poetry Month celebration on Friday, April 10, in collaboration with The Listening, which brought powerful spoken words of poets such as Jaylin Randolph, Madalyn Sullivan and Nick George.

RiverViews Artspace

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RiverViews Artspace is a multipurpose art hub, with exhibits and supplies for creators and art appreciators alike to peruse and enjoy. Many of their exhibits have been put into video format, such as “To Scale: A Small Works Group Show”, Emerging Artist Twon Smith’s “Drawing Distinctions” and “The Women Portrait Project: Coincidental Feminists”. So hop on their website for an experience with local artists and makers who remind us of what is possible and meaningful.

Amazement Square

amzement square
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Even Amazement Square, a hands-on children’s museum well-known for its interactivity and playful learning experiences, has created virtual experiences for the whole family to enjoy! Their exhibits are themed by day, and kids can have the opportunity to watch and create along with videos, make art, solve puzzles, listen to stories and participate in family games of strategy and chance. As a bonus, you can take pictures or videos of your kids’ great work and submit them to the website!

Lynchburg Museum

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While the Lynchburg Museum is closed, they’ve put their exhibits online so you can still see and learn about them. From gallery to gallery, this virtual tour tells the history of Lynchburg and Virginia from the time of the state’s settlement in 1607 up to modern day. It also gives special attention to exhibits about Virginia military history, local government and a “Life in Lynchburg” gallery about local arts, education, sports and entertainment. This would also be a great opportunity to let the kids in on the fun!

D-Day Memorial

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Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day are coming up in May, so what better time to familiarize yourself with the stories told by the National D-Day Memorial? This place of commemoration remembers the sacrifices of brave American soldiers during World War II, and it’s offering educational resources, Facebook Live events and virtual tours for you to feel a part of this important place. Some of these programs and events include lesson plans and worksheets, video lectures and presentations and even a virtual Armed Forces Day 5K!

Even if we don’t leave our homes, there is still a lot to do in Lynchburg, and we hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the virtual experiences that our community has to offer, then get out and see these places when this crisis lifts. We hope you stay safe and well!

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