How to Take Your Zoom Conference Call From Your Favorite Place in Virginia

If you didn’t know what Zoom conferencing was a month ago, we’re sure you do now. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to take your conference calls or virtual meetups from your desk (or bed) anymore. Do away with the boring calls and take your meetings from somewhere right here in Virginia!

It’s time to hike up the mountains of Virginia, sip a glass of wine in the shade of Virginia vineyard and add more LOVEworks visits to your list right from your dining room table. We can assure you that your coworkers, friends, and family will be jealous of the newest transformation of your living room. 

To change the background of your Zoom screen, all you have to do is follow their instructions and voila! You’ve been transported to your Virginia destination.

Zoom your coworkers and friends from right in front of one Virginia’s LOVEworks signs to share the love!

Why not take your Zoom call from your favorite Virginia Winery? (Glass of wine optional)

Participate in a conference call while lying on the beach under a beautiful Virginia sunset. On the plus side, you won’t be finding sand everywhere for days.

For those of you itching to get back outside and onto the trails – these are for you. Take your conference call from some of the most iconic mountain-top views in Virginia, all without breaking a sweat!

We know these aren’t as wonderful as the real thing, but until you can visit your favorite Virginia destinations in person, use these backgrounds to mix it up during your next Zoom call!

Do you have a place in Virginia you’re missing right now? Let us know in the comments for our next round of backgrounds!